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We're creating An Energetic Community of People Who Love Life and Leading!

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Why You Should Join Us

Members receive inspiration and encouragement from Karen Grosz in posts and videos.  You also have a growing selection of FREE and paid courses to help you grow.  These courses include The Writer's Club, Fear and Regrets, What's Next and other choices.  

In Quiet Leadership, I tell the story of learning to hitchhike from a woman named Mary Two  Eagles.

I was a preteen, and Mary was a tiny old woman, Mom, as you can imagine, was not happy about the lesson.  Mary said, "you have to hitchhike with your left thumb, and you have to be moving forward like you know where you are going, then people will want to help you. If you are using your right thumb, just standing there looking at traffic, no one will pick you up."

So, that's what we do here in the What's Next group.  We stick out our left thumb, we start moving forward, and we let others help us, just as much as we help them.  You never know, until it happens, how much a bit of your knowledge, or who someone else can introduce you to, can impact goal getting. 

So, jump in.  Let's get those Nexts and quietly change the world with our whispers! 


A Big Thanks

Thank you for being a part of this forward movement.  My dream is that we will improve our lives, impact our communities, and fall more in love with our people than ever before.   

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